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iDR - iDR

iDR - iDR

iDR 17 Features
The iDR boasts a 14x17 scanning area with 17x17 option. This affordable fixed panel deploys a unique scanning DR technology that allows for a direct digital workflow at a much lower cost than standard fixed DR panels. iDR produces amazing image quality and is backed by powerful optics, sensors, and a solid-state, mechanical drive system with only one moving part. Add the optional wall stand for imaging flexibility for chest, abdomen and simultaneous poster anterior (PA) and lateral imaging.

iDR34, the only digital radiography solution capable of BOTH regional scanning and long length spinal imaging studies. With a 17?x34? field of use, the iDR34 can replace or supplement your existing RAD room environment by giving you the ability to do all anatomy regions - neck and chest, full-torso, long-length, and spine. Because the system takes a single image, you can leverage compensation filters to balance out the exposure between thicker and thinner areas of anatomy.


FULL-SPINE IMAGING 17" x 51" The long-bone radiography platform utilizes a 17? by 51? detector plate that eliminates the need for a cassette. Integrating phosphor plate technology, the iDR-L boasts a higher resolution than standard DR while maintaining the same workflow. This solution sends complete image information directly to the scan processor skipping lengthy image stitching processes. The optional wall stand includes an ?EZ-Glide? motorized lift that allows the iDR-L to ascend or descend to any desired position to provide imaging flexibility for chest, abdomen, whole spine, and simultaneous poster anterior (PA) and lateral imaging.

Sealed scan head

One internal moving part for maximum uptime and savings.

Unsurpassed image
quality at 70 images
per hour.

User friendly and
intuitive software.

The iDR will transform your office into a modern imaging facility. iDR ofers our patented True Flat Scan Path* technology for exceptional image quality, high throughput and low cost of ownership. Ideal for all clinics where medical imaging is offered, the iDR will innovate your imaging workfow.

In addition, iDR is a fully integrated solution paired with the superior image processing software Clarity Captera*. With touch screen capable Clarity Captera*, you get superior quality images every time with an option to further manipulate the images to the physician*s preference. iDR simplifes your workfow because it is easy to use and fast. What separates this DR from others* It has been designed with an easily swappable opto-electronic module to ensure maximum uptime in the field.




STARTING AT $ 25,500
installation included

  iDR Features   Clarity Captera Features
* No cassettes to handle * iDR includes Clarity Captera Intuitive touch screen capable acquisition software
* One moving part * Smart scanning- manipulate acquired images while additional cassettes are being scanned
* Sealed scan head technology * ICe2 image processing; further manipulate images to your preference, automatically applies proper algorithms for an anatomy
* Superior image processing software * Smart search, sort, and flter options
* Integration with front office management systems like RIS and EMR
* Easy integration to any X-ray room * Full set of annotation and measurement tools
    * User preferred settings and privileges
* Diagnostic quality excellence    

iDR Specifcations*
Grayscale Resolution 16 bits/pixel source fle, 65536 Shades of Gray
Image Display 17 seconds
Configuration Can be Wall mounted, Bolted on a U-arm or Placed Inside a Table
Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions W19.5" x D6.32" x H35.75"
Power Source 100-240V AC/ 2.5A max; 47-63hz (Universal Power Supply) 24V option available
iSupply 24V portable DC power supply available, 270 scans on single charge
Heat Generation Standby 230W, maximum 1610W
Operating Conditions Temperature; 0-40*C/32-105*F, Temperature change: 0.5*C/min,
humidity: 15%-95% Rh, magnetic Fields: max 1260 *T
(in Conformance with en 61000-4-8: Level 3), 10 A/m

Dell Optiplex 9030 All-In-One with 23" touchscreen; Processor: i7--4790S
Processor(3.2GHz, 8M); RAM: 8GB DDR3L; Operating
System: Windows 7 PRO; Hard Drive: 500GB SSD Hybrid;
DVD Drive: 8X DVD+/-RW; Warranty: Type 3 Contract,
Next Business Day Parts and Labor On Site Response

* Specifcations are subject to change without notice. Processing and display time dependent on
processor speed, RAM disk access time, and video card.

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