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ZKMX - Retangular Desk

ZKMX - Retangular Desk

Rectangular Desk1
Desk Only
(peripherals and support items not included)

? Solid 1 1⁄4" thick surface with high endurance PVC edging.
? All dimensions are reduced by 1" on three sides for safety clearance.
? Models with the Secondary Surface Lift (SSL) have 12" adjustment range:
5 1⁄2" above and 6 1⁄2" below the work surface with +/-15? tilt.
? Custom sizes available; please call for quote.

? Push button operation for vertical
adjustment of 1 1⁄2" per second.
? EZ-Crank systems raises thework surface at 5-turns per inch.
? 16" adjustment range: 27"- 43". ? 16" adjustment range: 26"- 42".
? Load capacity: 300 lbs. ? Load capacity: 225 lbs.
? Leveling guide adjustment. ? Leveling guide adjustment.
? Cable management system. ? Locking casters available
? Requires less than 3amps of power.  
? Programmable controller and locking casters available  
Rectangular Desk3

Default color: black base, matte black top/trim

Limited Lifetime Warranty

View Colors, Tips and Notes  

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