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Inst+ - Instadose+ "bluetooth x-ray badge"

Inst+ - Instadose+ "bluetooth x-ray badge"

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Instadose 2 Dosimeter



The instadose 2 dosimeter is designed to help Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) save time managing dosimetry programs.

Dosimetry made easy by:

• Elimination of the badge collection process
• Increased compliance
• Instant dose reads captured with iPhones•, iPads•, PCs, or instaLink stations
• Online report access eliminates the need to archive and distribute results
• RSO-defined read intervals for dose trending
• The ability to track and lower dose for high risk employees
• Immediate e-mail notification when wearer exceeds dose level specified


Instadose +
From Mountain X-Ray

As low as $ 70.00 per year

Call us at (888)686-9729

Quantity Pricing For Instadose Badges
Prices are for one year account service.
There are no refunds for early cancellation.

We will contact you prior to renewal time.
1-10 ea.: $ 94.50 ea.
11-19 ea.: $ 92.50 ea.
20-29 ea.: $ 85.00 ea.
30-39 ea.: $ 82.00 ea.
40-49 ea.: $ 80.00
50-59 ea.: $ 70.00

60+ - Call for pricing 


The instadose 2 dosimeter has received accreditation in the United States by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
(NVLAP lab code 100555-0).


The instadose 2 dosimeter utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy
(BLE) Technology to transmit dose data to a variety of devices. A facility can select from:
• iPhones or iPads with the instadose app installed
• PCs with BLE or with the instaLink-USB connected
• instaLink hotspot station
A configurable calendar is used to set automatic read dates. A dose read consists of two parts; the detector read and secure communication to the Mirion server. If communication does not occur, the badge will attempt to communicate every hour for 24 hours. If the dosimeter
cannot communicate with Mirion•s server the dose reading is stored on the dosimeter . The data stays stored on the dosimeter until a successful connection has been established.
Manual reads and communication can be done at anytime by pressing the button on the back of the badge. The dosimeter must be in the vicinity of a instadose-enabled communication device to capture the data.

AMP+ (Account Management Program Plus) is a revolutionary solution to providing secure online account management. It•s fast, simple, and free! With AMP+, account administrators can manage all the elements of a radiation monitoring program online anytime, from anywhere. From account administration to managing individual wearers and devices, AMP+ provides real time access to account details, device assignments, reports and
all pertinent account information.
Account management features available with AMP+

• Device Registration
• Manage Accounts
• Manage Devices
• Manage Locations
• Manage Users
• Order History
• Audit Logs

AMP provides the same great features. AMP would be used for account management if a facility does not have traditional dosimeters within the account (e.g.: rings).

The Instadose app is an iPhone and iPad application
software that securely communicates dose reads to Mirion
servers. The instadose app consists of four main functions:
• Dashboard
• Dose History
• Badges
• Read Status
Dashboard- With the dashboard you can view your
pertinent account information.
Dose History- Select a date or reporting range to view
the instadose 2 dosimeters that have been successfully
Badges- Generates a list of all the instadose dosimeters.
Select a dosimeter to view further details, such as the last
successful read date and dose.
Read Status- Communicates secure dose reads to the
Mirion server of dosimeters that are within range.

Bluetooth Enabled

Patented direct ion storage technology
BLE technology
Minimum Reportable Dose 3 mrem (0.03 mSv)

1 mrem (0.01 mSv) upon request
Lower Limit of Detection 1 mrem (0.01 mSv)
Useful Dose Range 1 mrem - 1000 rem

(0.01 mSv - 10 Sv)
Energy Response Beta (MAX) 0.766 MeV • 5 MeV
Photon 5 KeV • 6 MeV
In the United States under NVLAP,
(lab code: 100555-0)

instaLink• USB USB Link

instaLink USB allows workstations connected to the internet to transmit dose data to Mirion•s secure servers. For the
instaLink USB to work it must be connected to the workstation and the •id2monitor• driver must be installed. By adding the
•id2monitor• to the startup menu you will not need to launch the driver each time the system is turned on. The instaLink USB
can receive and transmit dose reads as long as the workstation is turned on and not in hibernation mode. Once a workstation
enters hibernation mode or is turned off, the •id2monitor• will also enter hibernation mode and will need to be re-launched. The
BLE communication range is 25• or greater depending on the physical environment and straight line of sight.

instaLink• HotSpot Stations  

instaLink securely transmits dose data to Mirion•s server. The station comes with a power cord and mounting brackets. The BLE communication range is 25• or greater depending on the physical environment and straight line of sight. The instaLink Hotspot station can be connected to your network by either Ethernet or WiFi. The instaLink comes with configurable Wifi/Ethernet options: WPA, SID, Proxies, etc.



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