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DCRAD1200 - DCRAD 1200 DR

DCRAD1200 - DCRAD 1200 DR

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DCRAD1200 The system features a U-Arm tube
stand, a mobile radiographic table and an
image acquisition workstation. A 17" x 17"
amorphous silicon flat-panel detector working
in tandem with a high-frequency generator
guarantees unsurpassed image quality.
The lightweight detector ensures easy
maneuverability of the tube stand. A viewing
workstation is offered as an option. The
viewing software is the same as that of CR
Tech?s popular CR 5020S CR system.
Here is what is included:

Universal U-Arm Tube Stand
?Dual Speed Motorized movements
?Arm Elevation Arm Rotation
?Bucky Rotation
?SID ? 39.5? to 71? continuously variable
?Vertical Travel ? min 17? to max 61.5?
?Arm rotation angle - 150? (90? ? 30?)
?Power requirement ? single phase 100-240VAC
High Frequency X-ray Generator 40 kW
?40 kW, 500 mA, 125 kV
?mAs range: 0.1 to 500
?Anatomically Programmed Radiography
?Automatic Exposure Control
?2 point (kV and mAs) or 3 point (kV, mA and time) operation
?Floor-mounted pedestal for the console
?DR digital interface
DCRAD DR Flat-Panel Detector
?17X17? Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel detector
?with GaDox TFT Scintillator
?Pixel Matrix size: 3072X3072
?Pixel pitch: 143 microns
?A/D Conversion: 14 bit
?Grayscale: 16384
?Resolution: 3.5lp/mm
?Energy Range: 40-150kVP
?Detector weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
Detector Power Supply Unit
X-ray Grid 10:1, 103 lines/inch, 40?-72? SID
X-ray Tube
?200 KHU, 0.6/1.2 mm focal spots, 3? anode, 90? hor n angle
?Emerald Trunnion Mount
Certified Manual Collimator
High Tension Cables, 1 pair, 35 ft.
Acquisition / Viewing Workstation

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